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I’m Back (Again)!

Weeellll, HELLO!

I haven’t posted in quite. some. time. Sorry ’bout that. A lot has happened since my last post: dating woes, finding full-time work, moving across town and then having to move back to the other part of town within a year, more dating woes, being swamped by life in general, quitting full-time job because it was terrible, hoping to find a new FT job right away but HAHA life’s never been that easy, and… y’know, those sorts of craptastic hurdles to overcome.

But anyway, I think that I’m back for real this time. Ready to share some culinary experiments that I documented (but didn’t have energy to share via blog) and then maybe, just maybe, consistently update on a regular basis. We’ll, uh, see how that goes.

Stay tuned…!