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Easter/Springtime Stuff – Dyed Deviled Eggs, Flower-Shaped Mini Quiches, and So On…

Easter Sunday went by in a flash, as I spent most of the day in the kitchen, testing cutesy recipes like dyed deviled eggs, flower-shaped mini quiches, etc.

18April2017 011

18April2017 008The dyed deviled eggs looked great! I wasn’t particularly fond of the texture of the eggs, since they had been dyed in a vinegar-water-dye mixture, and as one could expect, the vinegar had a noticeable effect. Overall, still definitely a worthwhile idea to try on occasion!

The flower-shaped quiches were not as easy as I had anticipated. One reason being that I accidentally bought the rolled pastry with perforated strips, rather than the full-sheet type. Whoops. After smooshing everything together and meticulously cutting out one flower-shaped piece at a time, I then set each piece in an oiled mini muffin pan. In retrospect, I should’ve turned the pan over and placed each flower piece over the cups, rather than dropping them into the cups and fighting to hold the shape. Mental note for next time…

18April2017 003

By the end of the day, I was exhausted, my feet were aching, and I just wanted to be READY to eat dinner. I tossed some sliced up sausage in a pan, popped a boxed mixture of Potatoes Au Gratin in the oven, and soon enough, I was finally ready to relax. Whew!

18April2017 016

The next day, I tossed some leftovers together for lunch, took another flower-shaped cutter to the cheese that I had on hand, put a dollop of chicken salad over some salad greens, and there it was, another plateful of (mostly) aesthetically pleasing noms!

18April2017 018


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Flower-Shaped Cutters – I found mine at a local kitchen supply shop. They could also be purchased through EBay or Amazon.com!