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Holiday Hangover

The holidays went by in a blur, as usual. I’ll post photos of my kitchen mishaps and successes for your amusement.

The cart of ingredients, ready to go.
8January2014 039

Green bean casserole (recipe:
8January2014 043

Buffalo wings flavored mac ‘n’ cheese that I found at the store, after deciding that I was too lazy to prepare regular mac ‘n’ cheese myself.
8January2014 046

Potatoes au gratin with bacon bits.
8January2014 048

Stuffing, of course.
8January2014 049

Aaaand, kielbasa sausage!
8January2014 052

Should also mention that I attempted to prepare homemade eggnog for the first time in my life (recipe: It was a… very messy process. HOWEVER, it was successful, despite the fact that I was buzzed on other boozy drinks and forgot to take photos.

Before heading out for festivities in the city, I prepared some kielbasa (of course) with a mug of hot chocolate and a glass of zinfandel wine.
8January2014 053

8January2014 058
Co-hosted a very laid back brunch a few days after the new year’s festivities. I used slices of panettone with the usual ‘French toast’ mixture (eggs, whole milk, cinnamon), and the final result was pretty damn tasty.
Very fluffy, not too egg-y, and the tiny bits of fruits and nuts added a pleasant texture.
8January2014 062
Buon appetito!


I’m back!

Well, the blogging drifted off track for quite a while, but ’tis the season for gluttonous and culinary delights, so I’ll be adding some updates in upcoming days.

Since my last post in July, I snapped photos while making fresh lemonade…

Ah, summer… Seems so far away now.

For Thanksgiving, I attended a friend’s vegan potluck brunch. Vegan recipes are quite the challenge (for me), so I was happy with the final result of the vegan double-layer sweet potato (instead of pumpkin) cheesecake (recipe found here:¬†…

19December2014 014

In addition to the cheesecake, I tried a butternut squash lasagna recipe, which was… Eh. I’ll stick with run-of-the-mill meat lasagna or creamy vegetable lasagna from now on.

The day after Thanksgiving, I was craving the typical comfort food goodness of mac ‘n’ cheese, stuffing with chicken broth and homemade mushroom gravy (recipe found here:, potatoes au gratin, and kielbasa (wasn’t in the mood for poultry). Since I was feeling especially lazy, I bought a bunch of pre-made, boxed stuff.

19December2014 020

Yeah… Definitely a “once in a blue moon” type of meal, but completely worth the faint pang of guilt.

Alright, that should do it for now. Look out for some holiday recipes to be posted soon!

4th of July

This past weekend had its ups and downs, most of which involved the traditional Independence Day Fs: fireworks, food, and festivities!

I decided to throw a casual 4th of July party because… Well, I don’t need an excuse.

Here’s the “menu” that I threw together:

-Ultra-smashed Cheeseburgers – source: Serious Eats
-Spiral-cut Hot Dogs
-Chili-ghetti – source: Taste of Home
-Pepperoni Pizza Pitas
-Warm Lemony Olive Potato Salad – source: Keepin’ It Kind
-“All-American” Banana Split – source: The Recipe Link

Due to time constraints, the pizza pita idea was pushed aside (to be consumed eventually). The Ultra-smashed Cheeseburgers, albeit fairly easy to prepare, were also pushed aside in favor of the typical fat and flavorful fresh-off-the-grill variety. Additionally, the spiral-cut hot dogs were left intact. Amongst those decisions, a simple menu of grilled party grub emerged. My friend/housemate added some sliced pineapple to the grill, and all seemed well.



(Previously called “Poor–But Not Hungry!” blog)

This blog is my way of publishing posts about my culinary experiments, without annoying my captive audience on Facebook. In addition to trying new recipes/ideas/preparations, I also intend to use this blog space to share information about local hunger relief organizations/efforts/events, and perhaps the occasional commentary not quite related to food.

I have a fairly direct and informative writing style, and try not to derail my posts with psychobabble or needless information. The acronym to keep in mind is KISS (“Keep It Simple, Silly”).

Aaaand here we go!