4th of July

This past weekend had its ups and downs, most of which involved the traditional Independence Day Fs: fireworks, food, and festivities!

I decided to throw a casual 4th of July party because… Well, I don’t need an excuse.

Here’s the “menu” that I threw together:

-Ultra-smashed Cheeseburgers – source: Serious Eats
-Spiral-cut Hot Dogs
-Chili-ghetti – source: Taste of Home
-Pepperoni Pizza Pitas
-Warm Lemony Olive Potato Salad – source: Keepin’ It Kind
-“All-American” Banana Split – source: The Recipe Link

Due to time constraints, the pizza pita idea was pushed aside (to be consumed eventually). The Ultra-smashed Cheeseburgers, albeit fairly easy to prepare, were also pushed aside in favor of the typical fat and flavorful fresh-off-the-grill variety. Additionally, the spiral-cut hot dogs were left intact. Amongst those decisions, a simple menu of grilled party grub emerged. My friend/housemate added some sliced pineapple to the grill, and all seemed well.



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